More than 500 years of pub culture 

The tranquil one is only 50 kilometers from Salzburg at 712 meters above sea level  Abtenau resort. It is located close to the picturesque market square, not far from “Kirchplatzl” Traditional Hotel Post ...
Since more than 500 years this hospitable house is at the heart of Abtenau. When the stagecoaches still drove through the country, horses were changed here and also the post office was housed here - hence the name "Inn Post ". On Original part a historic KuK stagecoach can still be admired in the hotel lobby today.

Over the years, the early "KuK Poststation" developed into a cozy village inn. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Lammertal region became an insider tip for “summer visitors” from all over the world looking for relaxation.
From the small summer inn at the turn of the century, a modern 4‑star hotel has developed over time. Equipped with a generously designed ambience, lovingly decorated with antiques. Today the Post is a house with that certain something – with flair and history.
And right in the heart of Abtenau near the Kirchplatzl is our Hotel Post. The cozy guest house with a long history combines grown tradition with the comfort of a modern 4-star hotel.

Once upon a time ... a village inn!

The year is 1899 ... Back then the Gasthof Zur Post was still called “Bichlwirtshaus“, Which the couple Barbara and Mathias Buchegger bought on July 5, 1899. Little by little, four offspring saw the light of day here. The inn was quickly renovated, the hayloft was transformed into a dance floor, and the meat bank and post office expanded into a dining room.

After the death of post host Matthias Buchegger in 1920, widow Barbara continued to run the inn on her own. Daughter Corona married Johann Windhofer, the bear owner in Abtenau, in 1921 and gave birth to five children. In 1927 the Windhofers leased the business, and the inn passed into their possession in 1932. Of course they were in this era too generous conversions and extensions carried out, the terrace enlarged, the rooms raised and running water introduced everywhere. The "Posthans" was not only a born innkeeper, but also a trained butcher and beyond Horse lover.

Wedding in 1921

Corona Buchegger (post office owner's daughter) and Johann Windhofer successfully ran the post office owner from 1932–1962.

Premiere brochure: the very first advertisement for the Gasthof Postwirt in 1936.


Wedding bells from 1965

In the happy month of May, Hans Windhofer married his Lisbeth Pesentheiner from Dienten am Hochkönig and is happy with her to have three children. Hansi, Corona and Peter. With his Elisabeth, the Post Hans has made sure that the neat inn with Country house flair and Wellness comfort was enriched. One activity chased the other - in 1968 the kitchen was rebuilt, in 1972 it was extended and raised in the country house style, new balconies opened up new prospects. In 1976 more rooms were added and the post host was already dreaming of one in-house indoor swimming pool, which was realized in 1984.

His reputation as a horse and cattle dealer extended far beyond the borders, and the inn became a Fiaker and wagon trade affiliated. Son Hans grew up with this love of horses, who personally knew every horse that was in the area. Hans studied at the renowned hotel “Österreichischer Hof” in the festival city of Salzburg and from 1945 worked again in his parents' business. During this difficult time, the landlords looked after many children and families from Germany as part of the "Kinderland-Versand" here in Abtenau. In 1962, son Hans Windhofer took over the family business.

Four stars in 1994

After his father had had a serious heart operation, his son Hans took over the inn in 1994, which he soon took over for his comfort four stars was awarded. Hans Windhofer's personal signature can also be seen today in a number of other renovations, in the spacious panorama restaurant and in the cozy ones Bichlwirt, Bürger- und Zirbenstuben. He made the “Post in a New Dress” the first address for lovers of Tradition and quality - and created a concept for heart and soul that has proven itself to this day.

Celebrities back in the day

Here the emperor was a guest - here the guest is king!

Nice "in the time of the emperor“Many guests of high rank from the upper class, film and nobility, from the Grand Duke to the Queen, met here. Emperor Franz Joseph also flattered after his stay at the Gasthof Post: “It was very nice, I was very happy”.

The hosts at the Postwirt always tried to please their guests. Some prominent personalities from the European aristocracy thanked them for this - in addition to Emperor Franz Joseph, Archduke Ferdinand I stayed here with his wife Sophie and Duchess von Hohenberg. Even the Queen of Belgium stopped by the post office. Furthermore, Duke Franz Ferdinand of Tuscany, Archduke Franz Josef of Tuscany and Grand Duchess Alix of Tuscany stayed in the legendary Postwirt.


Also prominent hunting guests like Baron Imhof, industrialists like pencil manufacturer Faber, the inventor of the nylon fiber, Prof. Dr. Mark and holidaymakers from all over the world, including Russians and Americans, liked to come to the Gasthof zur Post even back then. The landlady Barbara spoiled her honorable guests according to all the rules of gastronomic art and knew a solution for every problem. So she said to the tall Duke Eugen, who was just wondering about the length of his beds: "Your Highness, if the beds are too short for you, then just lie across!"

The entries in the "tourist books" that still exist go back to 1901. The popular actor David Niven also immortalized himself in the guest book of the post office owner. He lived here in 1968 during the shooting of the film “Before Winter Comes” and signed the words “Thank you - very much !!” in the guest book. 


The crest

What is behind our family crest is no longer a family secret:
The bike stands for the Fiaker and wagon trade. Horse head and handshake symbolize horse and cattle trade. Of the key refers to the guest and accommodation business, and as a former post office this house carries that Post horn in the coat of arms.


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