Chronicle Hotel Post Abtenau
More than 500 years public house culture

Only 50 km away from Salzburg and in 712 metres sea level lays the calm and relaxing city Abtenau. Close to the pictorally market place, not far away from “Kirchplatzl” the traditional Hotel Post is situated…
Since  more than 500 years this convival house is already in the heart of Abtenau. As post coaches rode through the country,  the horses were changed here and the post office was also situated here – this is from where the name “Guesthouse Post” came from. An original part of the k.u.k. post coach is still in our lobby for admiring.

From the former “k.u.k. post office” a comfortable guesthouse developed. Beginning of 20th century the region of Lammertal became a secret tip for summer resort people who looked for relaxing, from all over the world.
From the little summer hostel at the turn of the century a modern 4-star hotel developed in the course of time. Equipped with generous designed ambiance, lovely decorated with antiques. Today the Post is a house with je ne sais quoi – with flair and history.

Once upon a time … a guesthouse

We have the year 1899 … the guesthouse Zur Post was called “Bichlwirtshaus” at that time when it was bought by the couple Barbara und Mathias Buchegger at 5th of July 1899. Bit by bit 4 kids were born here. The guesthouse was renoved, the hayloft was changed to a dance floor, the butcher’s stall and post office re-built to a dining-hall.

After the death of post landlord Mathias Buchegger in year 1920 widow Barbara handled the guesthouse by her own. Daughter Corona married Johann Windhofer in 1921, the “Bären-landlord” of Abtenau and has born 5 kids. In the year 1927 the Windhofers leased the guesthouse, and in 1932 the guesthouse vests into their ownership. Of course generous renovations were done in this era, the terrace increased, the rooms were extended and all over flowing water was introduced. The “Post Hans” was not only a landlord, he was also a learned butcher and a horse lover.

Wedding in 1921

Corona Buchegger (daughter of Postwirt) and Johann Windhofer handled the Postwirt successfully from 1932-1962

Premiere-brochure: the prime advertisement for the guesthouse postwirt in 1936


Wedding bells in 1965

In merry month of May Hans Windhofer married Lisbeth Pesentheiner from dienten at Hochkönig and had 3 kids with her. Hansi, Corona and Peter.
With his Elisabeth the Post Hans arranged that the trapping guesthouse with country house flair and wellness comfort was enriched.One activity hunted the next – 1968 the kitchen was renovated, 1972 it was extended in country house style, new balconies made new views accessible. 1976 more rooms were added and the Post landlord was dreaming of an own indoor swimming pool which was realised in the year 1984.

He was well known beyond the borders as a horse and cattlemonger, to the guesthouse a cab and carriage business was affiliated. So son Hans grew up with this horse love, who knew every horse, which bang around in the neighbourhood, personally. Hans learned in the famous hotel “Östererreichischer Hof” in the festival city Salzburg and works again in 1945 in the parental guesthouse. In this difficult time the landlord/landlady care for a lot of kids and families from Germany during the “Kinderlandverschickung” (evacuation) here in Abtenau. In the year 1962 the son Hans Windhofer took over the parental guesthouse.


Four stars in 1994

After a critically heart operation of his father, son Hans took over the guesthouse in 1994, which was marked with 4 stars for its comfort. Hans Windhofers personal handwriting is shown in a lot of more renovations, in generous panorama restaurant, the comfortable Bichlwirt-, Bürger- and Zirbenstuben.
He makes the “Post in new style” to the first address for lovers of tradition and quality – and made a concept for heart and soul, which is established until today.

Wedding in 2013

In April 2013 married Hans Windhofer his Dorothea and their 2 children Angela and Elisabeth rejoice with them.


Here the emperor was guest – here the guest is king.

Already at “emperors time” a lot of guests with distinction of grand classes, film and gentry, from grand duch to the queen meet here. Already emperor Franz Josef flatters the landlord and landlady after his stay in the post: “it was beautiful, i was very pleased”.

The landlord/landlady of Postwirt were always anxious to make their guests satisfied. Already very important persons from european high nobility were thankful – next to emperor Franz Joseph also archduke Ferdinand I. and his wife Sophie and duches von Hohenberg. Also the queen of Belgium stayed here. Furthermore duch Franz Ferdinand von Toskana, archduke Franz Josef von Toskana and great duchess Alix von Toskana lodged in legendary Postwirt.

Also prominent hunting guests like baron Imhof, industrials like pencil fabricant Faber, the innovator of nylon fabrics, Prof. Dr. Mark and holidaymakers from all over the world, like russians and americans, already liked to come to guesthouse Post. The landlady Barbara spoiled her honorable guests with all rules of gastronomic art and knew a solution for every problem. So, she said to the tall duch Eugen, who was wondering about the length of the beds:”imperial highness, if the beds are too short then only lay accross!”

The entries in the still existing “guest books” pass back until 1901. So, the popular actor David Niven eternalized in the guestbook of Postwirt. He lived here in 1968 during the shooting of the movie “Bevor der Winter kommt” and wrote “Vielen Dank – very much!” into the guestbook.

The crestWappen

The meaning of our family crest, should be no more family secret. The wheel stands for the cab and carriage business. Horsehead and handshake symbolize the horse- and cattlemonger. The key describes the guest- and accomodation facility and as former post office this crest has the post horn in it.


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