Haimish culture in signs of its reflectiveness.

What would be advent without atmospheric christmas music? Because of this reason on an advent market music needs not to be off. Furthermore a lot of advent singings take place in this region. Only a few european cities offer a historic and cultural variety like the bohemian metropolis Prague. When it is dawning in wintery Salzburg, the heartwarming advent concerts start and many enthusiasts join in the most silent time of the year by a visit at Salzburg advent singing. Traditional haimish music with music groups of the region in the wonderful ambience of Landeskonservatorium three times in advent.

The Salzburger advent singing in big festival hall is the most significant event in Salzburg advent and over the decades it developes to the scond largest culture event of Land Salzburg. Approx. 200 assistants in front of and behind the stage care year by year for a reflective, unforgettable event, which is unimaginable not to be in Salzburg calender of pre-christmas time. Old sing- and musical goods, traditional alpine custom as well as timely musical and scenic messages comply in a harmonic complete work.

Salzburger Advent
Once a year everything is a bit different. Once a year, when christmas is comming. The program of orig. Salzburg advent in city church St. Andrä at Mirabellplatz cares for unforgettable and touching moments.
An evening to remember that once a year everything is different.

The Tobi Reiser Adventsingen takes place in the big auditorium of university of Salzburg and is an event in Salzburg advent which tries to get back to the roots of Salzburg advent singing. Amongst others participants are Bertl Göttl, the Ensemble Tobi Reiser, Salzburga Hiatabuam and Hiatamadln.

Every year at pre-christmasy time at advent event A b’sondere Zeit (a special time) in big marmoreal hall of Mozarteum, alpine Weisen and Hirtenspiele will be offered: traditional and reflective.

The Salzburger Advent Serenade in gothic hall/St. Blasius are advent events with special character. The unique combination with classic and folk music at candlelight as well as texts, adequate to advent- and christmastime, additionally first class Salzburg artists guarantee for a high artistic niveau of performances.

Also the traditional advent concerts in old archs of romanic hall of monastery St. Peter join in christmas.
A program with advent- and christmas songs as well as chamber music of Mozart, presented by international renowned musicians, take care for artistic quality on highest niveau.
Also the inner ward of Stiftskeller St. Peter appears in atmospheric ambience. Fresh brush-wood, luscious green of conifers and christmasy Weisen of tower brass group colour the ward romantically. Be bewitched by the fragrance of home-made punch and hot spiced wine.

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28. June 2016