Aktivcenter Postalm

In activecenter Postalm a lot is offered: snow shoeing, snowbiking, cross-country, nordic cruising, fun park (tubing, snowtoys), toboggan, paragliding, ice stock sport, archery, ice climbing, sled dog workshop, high- and low ropes parcours, flying fox, building igloo and bivouac etc…. and when do you have build your last snowman??


Funpark Postalm

Also and especially for non-skiers the funpark on Postalm offers a diversified snow enjoyment: slide down the hill with a tubing-wheel twosome, set up new speed records by airbord or swing down by snowbike – during this time the little kids amuse theirselves with snowtoys next door (snow-fox, microscooter, snowchair). The longest roofed conveyer band (102 metres) takes you up comfortably to the peak. This saves puff.


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28. June 2016