The hilly mountainscape attracts also with easy routes

The hilly mountainscape attracts also with easy routes, at reception we will give you tips to the different winter hiking trails.

Round Egelsee: approx. 1,5 h

Starting point: swimming pool
Following the sign “Egelsee” you reach the “Oberegelseebauer” and further along the border of the forest directly to the calm, often deeply snowed moorlands at Egelsee. Past the “Obereggbauern” and at the appartment buildings you go right to a small path directly back to the village. Lovely is also the short indirection through Wimmwald, which leads you also to Abtenau.

Note: In the area Egelsee, Fischbach and Au the cross-country ski runs will be tagged with a hiking trail. So you can enjoy the untouched winter landscape parallel to the cross-country skiers.

Voglau – Rossbühel: approx. 2,5 – 3 h

Starting point: Hotel Post
Down to the district Au and turn right towards “Voglau”. The street leads first alongside some farmers and shortens to a path which leads alongside Schwarzenbach. At cold winter weather this hike is very lovely because trees and bushes are full of hoarfrost. You cross the main road, pass the “Lammerrain” and hike through snowy winter forest and meadows back to Abtenau. From Voglau you have also the possibility to use the free of charge hiking bus to get back to your hotel.

Fischbach-Karkogel: approx. 3-4 h

Alongside Fischbach to guesthouse Fischbachstube and right the logging road through deeply snowed winter forest up to Karkogelhütte, where a phantastic panorama over Abtenau waits for you. Back you can go the same way or comfortable by cable car.

Au-Seitenalm: approx. 4 h

You hike again to the district “Au” – past Aumühle and the partly cleared path up to rustic Seitenalm. The way back can be made in the same direction like the climb and alongside the Schwarzenbach or via “Hochsattel” to Voglau.

Sittler-Alm in St. Martin: approx. 3-4 h

Side road Nasenweg – a gently inclined track through snowy winter forest to idyllic laying Sittleralm. Get back by the same track or make a funny toboggan run back to the valley.

Wildau im Lammertal: approx. 1,5 h

From guesthouse Lungötzerhof you hike alongside the fishponds to the idyllic Lammertal and turn right to a gently inclined track up to guesthouse Wildau. From the sun terrace you enjoy the gorgeous view to Tennengebirge, the Gosaukamm and the distinctive Bischofsmütze. (the hiking bus goes directly to the valley).
More hiking possibilities: alongside the Aualm cross-country ski run or the partly cleared forest trail to the backmost Lammertal in direction Aualm – framed by nearly 200 metres high rock faces of Tennengebirge. Or the idyllic winter hiking trail (sleigh-trail) from Lungötz to St. Martin.

Rinnbergalmen in Russbach: approx. 3 h

Past municipal office, following the street left to Rinnbachbrücke and alongside the Rinnbach on a broad, gentle inclined logging trail up to Rinnbergalm.

Postalm-loop road: approx. 2 h

Starting at parking space 1 (Lienbachhof) – Blonde Hütte – direction Rosserhütte – gentle incline up to lift 3. Before you cross the ski-run of lift 3 leftside a winter hiking trail leads up to the border of the forest. From this point the winter hiking trail goes along with the 15 km cross-country ski run in track direction. Make a side trip to Wolfgangseeblick and afterwards follow the cross-country ski run again to Wieslerhütten and to upper parking space. You can get back at this winter hiking trail (further lift 3) or Postalmstraße to starting point at parking space 1. (Side trip to Thoralm possible)

Fliehof – Sonnleiten: approx. 2 h

Starting point: market place
Direction to swimming pool – up to Wimmwald-settlement and further along to guesthouse “Fliehofbauer” (distillery). From there a walkway leads you through the forest to “Sonnleitenalm” (with glorious view onto Abtenau basin). The direct way or a short indirection via “Poschenhof” leads you back to the villages.

Matzhofötzl – Fischbachreit: approx. 1,5 h

Starting point: parking space east
Along the Fischbach upstream through Matzhofötzl – in district Fischbach cross the main road and further along the Fischbach, take later the right by-road in direction Abtenau and come back again via Fischbachreit to the village

Au – loop trail: approx. 1,5 h

Starting point: Hotel Post
You walk in direction “Au” and diverge right after crossing the cross-country ski runs into direction Voglau. Now you hike at a small street – leftside the Arlstein, rightside the Schwarzenbach – until this street turns right after 500 m, crosses the stream and leads you back to Abtenau on a gently inclined street.
This hiking can be enlarged by 2 alternatives:
Alternative A: round the Arlstein
Described at beginning in direction Au, further along to guesthouse “Aumühle” and “Unterbergbauern”. Turn right and follow the sign “Abtenau”
Alternative B: Au – Fichtlhof
From Hotel Post to Au, then direction Voglau like described above. Now you hike further along to “Fichtlhof” and cross the next bridge over Schwarzenbach. Past the quarry you hike up to main road or if not snowy you use one of before turning right forest tracks back to starting point.

Radochsberg- loop trail: approx. 3 h

From stop Schwaighofbrücke starts the, at the beginning rampant, later comfortable track around the Radochsberg with gorgeous view to Tennengebirge, the Osterhorngruppe and Dachsteinmassiv. With the free of charge hiking bus you can get back comfortably or hike the track into direction of Schiemhof – Abtenau (again approx. 1,5 hours)

Höllalm in St. Martin: approx. 2,5 h

In town center a logging road turns left and leads up to rustic Höllalm, where next to a solid snack also a gorgeous panorama is waiting. A side trip to “Halmgut” can be connected afterwards.

Guesthouse at the mountain  “Winterstellgut” in Annaberg: approx. 2,5 h

Through Rauenbachtal in direction to Astauwinkel and in gentle incline the left street up to new built Winterstellgut. Arrived on the top a wonderful view to Gosaukamm and Tennengebirge is waiting.

Mountain station – Hornbahn – Edtalm in Russbach: approx. 3 h

High-level-trail – starting point: valleystation of Rußbach Hornbahn
You go up with 8-cable-car. Arrived at the top you follow the hiking trail straight ahead (hiking signs show the trail). You stay on the only for walkers primed trail. During the hike you cross the slope and after 1,5 hours you reach the Edtalmhütte, with a beautiful sun terrace. The unique panorama of Dachstein glacier, the Gosaukamm and Tennengebirge makes your hike to an experience.

Franzlalm in Russbach: approx. 1,5 h

From stop “Gseng” the trail leads up to Franzlalm and from a little plateau you enjoy the gorgeous view to surrounding mountainscape.

Bluntautal in Golling: approx. 2,5 h

On romantic trails a winter loop trail leads to the fairytale winter landscape of Bluntautal submontane of Hohen Göll.


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28. June 2016