Real “creepers” strap on snow shoes and go their way to new impressions in winter landscape. Next to cross-country skiing the origin nature of Lammertal is a paradise for snow shoe hikers. A wonderful experience for epicures, totally in line with the nature.
A bit of shape would not be amiss if you stump to sunny heights on untraced routes. Therefor you will be rewarded with a unique experience.Via snowy, untouched hiking trails, further along little streams, through dreamy, white winter landscape. It is more idyllic apart the paths if you stump through deeply snowed mountainscape with snow shoes. For snow shoeing there is no trail-recommendation – everything is possible: cross-country, just follow your nose, your own feeling or only towards the sun.
During your way it is worth to keep eyes open – for attentive hikers nature keeps a lot of surprises ready. The view to Tennengebirge and to the imposing peaks of Bischofsmütze is fantastic and unforgettable. Metres high snow, twinkling snow crystals, snowy tree tops, untouched forest trails, a phantastic panorama and a deep breath of the air in the mountains –  with snow shoes it seems to be the most pleasurable form to find the most beautiful parts of winter. Experiences you won’t forget.
But snow shoeing takes its toll more than the name could say. Fresh air in the mountains makes hungry – hence a comfy stop should not be missed at a snow shoeing hike.

The winter pleasure is also applicable for beginners, because no grand previous knowledge is needed. In Abtenau you can try the at the moment actual wintersports trends free of charge in a trial lession.
Especially guided snow shoeing hikes are popular, which were offered in all villages – at the day at sunshine or in the night at moonlight.
Together with the skilled guide you roam the untraced snow landscape of Lammertal, he shows you the most beautiful spots and the romantic tracks. You find out more about the correct technique, orientation in nature, ideal choice of traces, the handling with the equipment – good atmosphere, a lot of fun and sociability are for sure.

Guided discovery tours

Also our double world champions Maria and Hans come along with you competent on your discovery tour through Lammertal. The reward: phantastic view to mountainscape of Tennengau..
Tel.0664/15 313 78
They allocate top-rent material (against charges).Rent of snow shoes and staves in all sport shops of Lammertal. The tourist board offers winter hiking trails with snow shoes once a week (service charge) .


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28. June 2016