Summer in Abtenau

One of the last little paradises.

There are places that have their own special charm. Abtenau is such a place. The popular holiday village is located at 712 m above sea level in the middle of the beautiful Lammertal - one of the most beautiful spots on earth - between the Hohe Dachstein and the city of Salzburg.

Old farmhouses and a picturesque market square shape the romantic townscape.

Summer holidays in the mountains are proven to be healthy and relaxing. And where better to switch off than far away from noise and traffic, in untouched nature and breathtaking scenery.

You really only have to go outside and enjoy with open eyes what God has put in front of our feet: the wonderful mountain panorama and the untouched nature of the Lammertal invite you to marvel and pause. Surrounded by a unique mountain world, this area can hardly be surpassed in terms of scenic beauty.

In all honesty: if this patch of earth didn't exist, it would have to be invented

Fresh mountain air, lush alpine meadows, crystal-clear water, fantastic views, imposing rock formations - always surrounded by the impressive mountain panorama of the alpine pasture-rich Osterhorn group, the wildly jagged Gosaukamm and the karst massif of the Tennengebirge. Green alpine pastures such as the Postalm, Trattbergalm or Spielbergalm are enjoyable destinations for hikers who appreciate promising paths across flower meadows.

Here you will find peace and quiet, but also sporting challenges such as Nordic walking, running, cycling, rafting, canyoning, climbing, mountain biking, golf, paragliding - for everyone who is attracted by the experience and adventure.

The Lammertal in the heart of Austria offers all of this. There are few places in life where you feel right at home. Abtenau is such a place.

Experience nature - find peace
Off to the summer freshness - what a wonderfully old-fashioned and at the same time refreshing word. Out into the country. That's how it was - in the "good old days" - and that still applies today: Encounter with healthy nature, carefree enjoyment of culture and security in a manageable living environment. Because relaxation is very important.
Hike from Alm to Alm - in the midst of magnificent meadows and romantic mountain lakes, with a view of impressive peaks, you are guaranteed to come to rest.
Heavenly located, in the midst of green alpine pastures and charming mountains, Abtenau is the ideal starting point for summer activities. The delightful mountain world inspires pleasure hikers and mountain lovers and provides the unmistakable charm for which the region is known.

Breathe deeply again – fill up on oxygen. Take it easy - the idyll is almost within reach. Simply lean back, take a deep breath, let your gaze wander over the dreamy mountain landscape and feel how quickly you feel at ease. Filled with silence, touched by the vastness.
Enjoy life: lying on a meadow, a blade of grass between your lips, feeling the mild wind that tickles your nose and lets your thoughts wander into the distance.

There is something to it: just wander through the area and look for a dreamy place that belongs to you for hours.

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