Abtenau in Summer

One of the last little paradises…

There are villages which have their own special lovelinessAbtenau is such a village. The popular holiday village is on 712 m sea level in the middle of lovely the “Lammertal” – one of the most beautiful spots – between the “Hohen Dachstein” and the city of Salzburg. Old farmhouses and a pictorial market place emboss the romantic townscape.

Fresh mountain air, lush alpine meadows, crystal clear water, fantastic views, imposing rock formations – always embedded of impressing mountain panorama, the full of alpine pastures “Osterhorn-group”, the wild serrated “Gosaukamm” and the karst mountains of the  “Tennengebirge”. Green alpine pastures like Postalm, Trattbergalm or Spielbergalm are pleasurable destinations for hikers, who appreciate a walk via meadows of flowers. Here you can find calmness, but also sportive challenges like nordic walking, running, cycling, rafting, canyoning, climbing, mountainbiking, golfing, paragliding – for all, who look for experience and adventure.
All this offers Lammertal in the heart of Austria.
In your life you can only find few villages in which you really feel comfortable from the beginning.

Abtenau is such a village.

Summerholidays in the mountains are verifiable healthy and relaxing. And where you can get away better from noise and traffic, than in untouched nature and breathtaking landscape.


You just need to go out and enjoy –  with open eyes, what god lays in front of our feet. The admirable mountain panorama and the untouched nature of Lammertal invites to enjoy this amazing atmosphere.


Embedded of the unique mountain world this area hardly surpasses of inherent natural beauty. Honestly:
If this beautiful spot wouldn’t exist, somebody would need to invent it.


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