Running and nordic walking

The morning dew and the fresh clear mountain air sures every late riser out of bed to start a nordic walking tour through the idyllic landscape.

A holiday in Lammertal could also be the start of your nordic walking career! Staves and the right shoes. More you don’t need for the new sport which is so popular in all age groups. In Tennengau there are a lot of signposted nordic walking routes.

There you can wonderfully enjoy the nature and making sport is very easy. For all guests of Lammertal with guestcard a free of charge 2-hour nordic walking basic course with trainer is offered.

Staves for your tours can be borrowed free of charge in the hotel and needn’t be taken with you from home.

The first shafts of sunglight…

The nordic walking routes in Abtenau and Rußbach-Dachstein West on the most beautiful, chosen hiking routes range from light loop roads in the dale to alpine hikings and height hikings.

As well as for hikers are also for those who are on the way with runnng shoes or nordic walking staves, long an short rounds, light, middle and heavy in blue, red and black. Or lap with a certified nordic walking trainer on his favourite routes.

Nordic Walking world champions

By the way: In Abtenau the first nordic walking world champions are at home.

The couple Maria and Hans Quehenberger make nordic walking sports history.
They landed ever the world champion at nordic hill competition (11,3 km/1200 m difference in height) to top station of Petzen with day’s best time at 1st nordic walking world championship in south Carinthia in 2008.

Contact: +43 664 1531378


Here are some routes out of nordic walking enjoyment expedition:

Aurunde 7,3 km
Dale station Karkogel – Kirchholzpromenade – Pöstenbauer – Au – Schwarzenbach and back to Seetal
Panoramatour 14,3 km
Dale station Karkogel – Unterberg – Rocheralm – Seitenalm – SeetalEnergietour 7,1km
Dale station Karkogel – Wimmwald – EglseeKarkogltour 8,2km
Dale station Karkogel – Fischbachreit – Breitenberg – Karkogel – Karalm to the dale (or go by summer toboggan run to the dale)Gsengalmtour 10,8km
Dale station Karkogel – Eggenreith – Gsengalm – Waldweg Karkogel – Karalm – Dale station

Abenteuer Running path
Signposted and varied running routes all around the idyllic Abtenau – to Fischbach, to Eglsee, Scheffenbichlkogel/Fliehof and Kainhofbauer/Karkogel.

Neualm-Schneckenwand 10 km
From Russbach along  the Randobach- ahead the forest trail to Schneckenwand – the hiking path to Fallenegg – the trail back to Russbach

Gschütt-Round 6 km
Russbach – Sonnenscheinweg  (Alte Gschüttstraße) – shortly along the Paß Gschütt Bundesstraße (major road) – back via the Höhenweg to Russbach


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