Advent time in Abtenau in Salzburger Land

Every year again…

…the time of advent in the mountains of Salzburger Land and the nearby Mozartcity Salzburg is a special experience.

Escape the holiday season stress and enjoy the most silent and reflective time in the year here in idyllic Lammertal.
The scenic magic of winterly mountainscape, snowy meadows and forests, twinkling snowflakes which fall down silent from the sky – a magical atmosphere full of silcence and beauty occur in front of the imposing coulisse of Dachstein- and Tennengebirge.
It’s getting very christmasy around Abtenau. Villages and towns adorn theirselves in pre-christmas glory. Lovely house decorations, a bright christmas lightening and native tradition events care for an unforgettable ambiance.

Christmasy fragrances of hot spiced wine and spicy lebkuchen are in the air, candle- and torchlight cares for haimish atmosphere, christmas baubles glow competitively with kids eyes, to it the reflective Weisen of brass players. In the so hectic time this accords tranquility and calmness. During the stress in the cities defines the events in advent, you can get away from it all in Salzburg Land and bethink to the true values.

You can’t await the silent night? Then spend some atmospheric days here in Hotel Post in Abtenau. Look forward together to christmas in Salzburg winter wonderland.


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